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How to Create a Rich Snippet for Organization

What is Rich Snippet ?
Snippets—the few lines of text that appear under every search result—are designed to give users a sense for what's on the page and why it's relevant to their query. If Google understands the content on your pages, we can create rich snippets—detailed information intended to help users with specific queries.

What is Schema Structure Data ?

Schema is a type of microdata that helps the search engine to parse and interpret the data from the webpage. It used to provide the richer search results for a relevant query. Create a Rich Snippet for Organization:Step1: Copy the below code and Paste in Notepad <script> {   "@context": "",   "@type": "Organization",   "name": "",   "address": {     "@type": "PostalAddress",     "streetAddress": "",     "addressLocality": "",     "addressRegion": "", …

Top 15 On Page SEO Techniques 2017 to Rank in First Page

A set of Top 15 On Page activities for beginners to optimize their website as SEO Friendly. On Page Techniques helps to improve the website ranking in search results and drive traffic towards website. Google crawler fetches the whole website content to index the website for user search query. In order to fetch the website efficiently by search engine bots, the On page activities are required.

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Top 15 On Page SEO Techniques 2017 to Rank in First Page:Place Keywords In TitleAdd Keywords In Meta DescriptionMark Title With H1 And H2 TagsUse Image To Enhance The PostAdd Structure DataDrop Keyword In First 100 Words.Seo Friendly URLResponsive DesignAdd Some Outbound LinksIncrease Internal LinksHigh Speed Loading SiteLong Tail KeywordsInclude Social Sharing ButtonsUse Quality ContentAvoid Short Content

Rich Card Structure Data in Search Console

What is meant by Rich Card in Google Search Console ? In the row of search appearance in Google Search Console(Webmaster Tool), google added a New update called Rich Card. Rich cards are similar like Rich snippet, use Structured markup to showcase the content in a new visual format. Rich Card results, host lists can feature a carousel from a Single site.   

Rich card are avail for following data:
Recipes - It display a single Rich card or part of a host carousel.

Events -Event Rich cards markup display a Artist name and events search Results.
Products - Markup display about a product, including price, availability, and review ratings
Reviews - Markup display a review of an item such as a restaurant, movie, or store.
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Google Penalize Mobile website that shows Intrusive Interstitial

Today, Google announces two major update for mobile search results in 2017. Google gave red alert to all the mobile website who is showing pop-up ads and Intrusive interstitial. Google Upcoming Update for Mobile Search Results in 2017:• Remove Mobile Friendly Label in Search Results, But mobile friendly criteria will continue. • Penalize a mobile website that contain more ads like pop-up, ads cover screen, etc. Remove Mobile Friendly Label: Google says that, 85% of the pages from all the website meet the mobile friendly criteria. To keep search results uncluttered, Google remove mobile friendly label. Penalize mobile website contain Intrusive Interstitial: Google statement as follow:
Pages that show intrusive interstitial provide a poorer experience to users than other pages where content is immediately accessible. This can be problematic on mobile devices where screens are often smaller. To improve the mobile search experience, after January 10, 2017, pages where content is not eas…