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Top 10 Techniques to Decrease Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate?
Bounce rate is an Internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave ("bounce") rather than continuing on to view other pages within the same site. Source -
List of Top 10 Techniques to Decrease Bounce Rate: Optimize Website Speed.User Friendly Web Design or Site Architecture.Reduce 404 Issue.Mobile CompatibilityRight Keyword to Right Webpage.Reduce PopUp in Website.Use Low Size ImagesPost Niche content Optimize Nonperforming Pages.Increase User Engagement in website.

How to Change Google Crawl Rate ?

Google allows you to adjust the crawl rate, but you cannot specify different crawl rates for sections of your site such as specific folders or sub-directories. For example, you can specify a custom crawl rate for and, but you cannot specify a custom crawl rate for
Changing Google's crawl rate only changes the speed of Googlebot's requests during the crawl process. It does not have any effect on how often Google crawls your site or how deeply the URL structure is crawled. To change Google's crawl rate on your website:

Step to Change Google Crawl Rate:
Log into Google Webmaster Tools.If you have not already done so, add your site to Google Webmaster Tools.On the Webmaster Tools home page, click on the site for which you'd like to adjust the crawl rate.Click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the page, and select Site Settings from the drop-down menu.In the Crawl rat…

How to Create a Rich Snippet for Organization

What is Rich Snippet ?
Snippets—the few lines of text that appear under every search result—are designed to give users a sense for what's on the page and why it's relevant to their query. If Google understands the content on your pages, we can create rich snippets—detailed information intended to help users with specific queries.

What is Schema Structure Data ?

Schema is a type of microdata that helps the search engine to parse and interpret the data from the webpage. It used to provide the richer search results for a relevant query. Create a Rich Snippet for Organization:Step1: Copy the below code and Paste in Notepad <script> {   "@context": "",   "@type": "Organization",   "name": "",   "address": {     "@type": "PostalAddress",     "streetAddress": "",     "addressLocality": "",     "addressRegion": "", …

Top 15 On Page SEO Techniques 2017 to Rank in First Page

A set of Top 15 On Page activities for beginners to optimize their website as SEO Friendly. On Page Techniques helps to improve the website ranking in search results and drive traffic towards website. Google crawler fetches the whole website content to index the website for user search query. In order to fetch the website efficiently by search engine bots, the On page activities are required.

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Top 15 On Page SEO Techniques 2017 to Rank in First Page:Place Keywords In TitleAdd Keywords In Meta DescriptionMark Title With H1 And H2 TagsUse Image To Enhance The PostAdd Structure DataDrop Keyword In First 100 Words.Seo Friendly URLResponsive DesignAdd Some Outbound LinksIncrease Internal LinksHigh Speed Loading SiteLong Tail KeywordsInclude Social Sharing ButtonsUse Quality ContentAvoid Short Content

Top 5 Tips to increase Returning Visitor to website?

Once a visitor come into a website, then it would be a time to do further steps to keep them coming back. 
Related Articles : SEO Leap | SEO Update 2017 | Off Page SEO 2017 | On Page SEO | Upcoming SEO Update 2017 | SEO Tutorial 2017 | SEO News Top 5 Tips to increase Returning Visitor to website:
1 - Post attractive article to make a visitors to come back again.
2-  Notify them regards Update made in website.
3- User Friendly website design.
4- Make them to subscribe from your website.
5- Create brand awareness.

Proven 9 Tips to Increase Organic Traffic/Visitors

Increasing a website traffic through organic is always a challenging task for New website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to increase a traffic organically and also increase a page authority.

Proven 9 Tips to Increase organic traffic/visitors: 1.    Optimise the website user friendly as well Search engine friendly

2.    Enable Blog setup in website
         •    Implement a blog in website to post an article about the product or services of business.

3.    Make regular update in blog
         •    Post an article which covers the services or products.

4.    Use Long Tail keywords to wider the opportunity
         •    Long tail keywords are longer and a set of specific phrases that visitors are more likely to use.

5.    Optimize Meta Title, Meta Description
         •    Meta tags are used to provide information about the website to search engine.

6.    Increase the count of Internal Links
         •    Internal link is a hyperlink that points from one page to another page i…

How to check qualified backlinks ?

Tips to Analyse Qualified Backlinks of your website

what does mean by Qualified Backlinks? 
Backlinks means a link created on other website which hyperlinked towards website or Web page. A qualified backlinks means a backlink created in high page  rank website, high traffic website, content wealthy website.

Why backlink is important?
In OFF Page SEO techniques, backlink creation is more impartant because search engine bots give high priority to qualified backlinks.  To list a website for targeted keywords in search results, backlinks play a vital role in website listing.

Key factors to Analyse Qualified Backlinks:
Initially check the backlinks of your website using SEO tools. Pick the domain which generate more backlinks.  

1. Domain Age analysis
Check  the age of the domain, search engine give more preference to aged domains. If a domain age is more than 3 years then it would be a highly recommendable website. 2.  Authority of the Link
Domain age, keyword relevance and other items all go into…

Google Penalize Mobile website that shows Intrusive Interstitial

Today, Google announces two major update for mobile search results in 2017. Google gave red alert to all the mobile website who is showing pop-up ads and Intrusive interstitial. Google Upcoming Update for Mobile Search Results in 2017:• Remove Mobile Friendly Label in Search Results, But mobile friendly criteria will continue. • Penalize a mobile website that contain more ads like pop-up, ads cover screen, etc. Remove Mobile Friendly Label: Google says that, 85% of the pages from all the website meet the mobile friendly criteria. To keep search results uncluttered, Google remove mobile friendly label. Penalize mobile website contain Intrusive Interstitial: Google statement as follow:
Pages that show intrusive interstitial provide a poorer experience to users than other pages where content is immediately accessible. This can be problematic on mobile devices where screens are often smaller. To improve the mobile search experience, after January 10, 2017, pages where content is not eas…

Latest OFF Page SEO techniques

Latest off-page SEO techniques: 1. “Accelerated Mobile Pages” optimization. 2. Competitor Analysis 3. High Page Speed Optimization 4. Link website with Wikipedia 5. Guest Blogging 6. WebSite Schema Markup 7. Breadcrumbs Implementation 8. Site Navigation Schema Markup 9. Social Bookmarking Submission with Signature 10. Active in Social Media Marketing

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SEO Update

A list of Most Important Google updates for SEO and SEM :

Google Update List:
Google HummingbirdGoogle Mobile Friendly UpdateGoogle Panda UpdateGoogle Penguin UpdateGoogle Pigeon UpdateGoogle Payday UpdateGoogle Pirate UpdateGoogle EMD (Exact Match Domain) UpdateGoogle Top Heavy Update Related Articles : SEO Leap | SEO Update | Off Page SEO | On Page SEO | Upcoming SEO Update | SEO Tutorial | SEO News

Top SEO Strategy to Improve Business

Search Engine Optimization is a slow and steady process to generate traffic toward website. Search Engine Friendly websites alone can get high ranking in target keywords. SEO helps small businesses to gain more benefits than other online marketing options. Clicks, Leads, impression can generate from a valid search engine optimization.
I would like to suggest some Top SEO strategy to get organic traffic from search Engines. 
1- Search Engine Friendly Website: Optimize a website that should be search engine friendly. Implement SEO factors like Meta tags, Keywords, Images etc.

2- Local Keywords: Prepare a keywords which represent your business. Local keywords will generate more traffic than organic search terms.

3- Content Optimization: Site content should be unique and clear. It should not be overlap, keyword stuffing, Duplicate content, etc.

4- Local Marker: Make your website popular in business area. Publish ads in Local classified, Local Directory, create Google Business page, etc.

5- …

5 SEO Strategy to get Instant Traffic

Optimizing website to generate traffic from targeted keywords. Initially a website should be search engine friendly as well as user friendly. Suggest Top five SEO strategy to generate instant traffic: 1- Geographic Keywords Placing a keyword in website is mandatory but that should generate traffic. For example, "Online shoes" is a primary keywords and also it is more generic. "Online Shoes in Bangalore" is a generic keywords with geographical location. It
increase local traffic and reach target audience soon. 2- Increase Back links Backlinks are more important to list the website for target keywords in top pages. Follow some suggested OFF Page Methods to create a valid backlink. 3- Make popular in Social Media Share your website or webpage in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. It'll create brand awareness and also helpful for . 4- Responsive website Optimize you webpage or website, that should be capable to adopt all device like mobile, tab an…

Avoid 7 SEO Mistakes

SEO is a process of generating traffic towards website from organic search results on search engines.  A process to increase visibility of a website for target keywords or search terms in search engines.
SEO webmaster makes seven set of mistakes which pull down the efficiency of Search ranking.  1. Missing Keywords in Title and Descriptions: Title and Meta description plays a vital role in listing website for target keywords on search engines. Using keywords in Title and Description is a suggested format to optimize your webpage. It could make a search engine bot and a visitors to understand an objective of your webpage. 2. Missing keywords in Image Tag: A simple strategy to add keywords in image tags. It will increase image visibility in search results for target keywords. For example: seo-leap-logo.jpg 3. Never Boost Up high traffic webpage and search queries: In google search console, let you see the high traffic webpage and search queries which means having high clicks. Optimize…