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How to Improve SEO by Schema Markup

Schema Markup is a code that helps to expose website URL in search engine with more informative and also Search engines give more priority to schema website. Rich Snippets helps to explit the website data in search results when a user search for related queries.

Most common and Important Schema:

There is data markup for,

  1.     Articles
  2.     Local businesses
  3.     Restaurants
  4.     TV episodes and ratings
  5.     Book Reviews
  6.     Movies
  7.     Software Applications
  8.     Events
  9.     Products

List of Schema for website:

Your Type of Business Your Type

Acupuncture Clinic
Acura Dealer
Air Conditioning Contractor
Air Conditioning Repair Service
Air Duct Cleaning Service
Alternative Medicine Practitioner
Animal Hospital
Antique Store
Appliance Parts Supplier
Appliance Store
Assisted Living Facility
Auto Body Shop
Auto Glass Shop
Auto Insurance Agency
Auto Parts Store
Auto Repair Shop
Baby Store
Bankruptcy Attorney
Barber Shop
Bathroom Remodeler
Beauty Salon
Bed & Breakfast
Bedding Store
Bicycle Store
BMW Dealer
Boat Repair Shop
Body Piercing Shop
Book Store
Bookkeeping Service
Cabinet Maker
Cabinet Store
Canoe & Kayak Store
Car Dealer
Car Detailing Service
Car Rental Agency
Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Installer
Carpet Store
Catering See alternate instructions
Cell Phone Store
Certified Public Accountant
Chevrolet Dealer
Child Care Agency
Child Psychologist
Children's Clothing Store
Children's Furniture Store
Chinese Restaurant
Cigar Shop
Cleaning Service See alternate instructions
Clothing Store
Coffee Shop
Coin Dealer or
Commercial Real Estate Agency
Computer Repair Service
Computer Store
Concrete Contractor
Condominium Complex
Consignment Shop
Construction Company
Cosmetic Dentist
Countertop Store
Country Club
Crane Rental Agency
Crane Service
Criminal Justice Attorney
Custom Home Builder
Dance School
Day Care Center
Day Spa
Deck Builder
Dental Implants Periodontist
Divorce Attorney
Dodge Dealer
Dog Day Care Center See alternate instructions
Dog Sitter See alternate instructions
Dog Trainer
Dog Walker See alternate instructions
Dry Cleaner
Dry Wall Contractor
Dry Wall Supply Store
Dump Truck Service
Ear Piercing Service
Elder Law Attorney
Electronics Repair Shop
Electronics Store
Emergency Care Physician
Emergency Dental Service
Emergency Veterinarian Service
Employment Attorney
Entertainment Agency
Equipment Rental Agency
Estate Planning Attorney
Event Planner
Event Ticket Seller See alternate instructions
Eye Care Center
Family Counselor
Family Law Attorney
Family Practice Physician
Fence Contractor
Fertility Clinic
Financial Consultant
Fire Alarm Supplier
Fire Damage Restoration Service
Fishing Charter See alternate instructions
Flooring Contractor
Flooring Store
Ford Dealer
Function Room Facility
Funeral Home See alternate instructions
Furniture Rental Service
Furniture Store
Garage Builder
Garage Door Supplier
General Contractor
General Practice Attorney
Glass Repair Service See alternate instructions
GMC Dealer
Golf Course
Golf Resort
Golf Shop
Graphic Designer
Gutter Cleaning Service
Hair Removal Service
Hair Salon
Hardware Store
Health Insurance Agency
Heating Contractor
Hobby Shop
Holistic Medicine Practitioner
Home Builder
Home Health Care Service
Home Improvement Store
Home Inspector
Home Insurance Agency
Home Theater Store
Honda Dealer
HVAC Contractor
Hypnotherapy Service
Hyundai Dealer
Immigration Attorney
Infiniti Dealer
Insurance Agency
Insurance Attorney
Interior Designer
Isuzu Dealer
Italian Restaurant
Jaguar Dealer
Japanese Restaurant
Jeep Dealer
Jewelry Repair Service
Jewelry Store
Karate School
Kennel See alternate instructions
Kia Dealer
Kitchen Remodeler
Landscape Architect
Landscape Designer
Landscape Lighting Designer
Landscaping Supply Store
Laser Hair Removal Service
LASIK Surgeon
Lawn Care Service
Lexus Dealer
Life Insurance Agency
Lighting Store
Limousine Service
Lincoln Mercury Dealer
Liquor Store
Loan Agency
Luxury Hotel
Marble Contractor
Marble Supplier
Marketing Consultant
Marriage Counselor
Martial Arts School
Masonry Contractor
Massage Therapist
Maternity Store
Mazda Dealer
Medical Spa
Meeting Planning Service
Men's Clothing Store
Mental Health Clinic
Mental Health Service
Mercedes Benz Dealer
Mexican Restaurant
Middle Eastern Restaurant
Miniature Golf Course
Mitsubishi Dealer
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Lender
Motorcycle Dealer
Motorcycle Insurance Agency
Motorcycle Parts Store
Motorcycle Rental Agency See alternate instructions
Motorcycle Repair Shop
Motorcycle Shop
Motorsports Store
Mountain Cabin
Moving & Storage Service
Moving Company
Muffler Shop
Music Instructor
Music School
Musical Instrument Repair Shop
Musical Instrument Store
Nail Salon
Naturopathic Practitioner
Night Club
Nissan Dealer
Notary Public
Nursing Agency
Nursing Home
Office Furniture Store
Office Space Rental Agency
Office Supply Store
Oldsmobile Dealer
Oral Surgeon
Oriental Rug Store
Paint Store
Paintball Center
Party Equipment Rental Service See alternate instructions
Party Planner
Party Store
Passport Photo Processor
Paving Contractor
Paving Materials Supplier
Pediatric Dentist
Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Trainer
Pest Control Service
Pet Groomer
Pet Sitter
Pet Store
Pet Supply Store
Pet Trainer
Photo Restoration Service
Physical Therapy Clinic
Piano Instructor
Piano Repair Service
Piano Store
Pilates Studio
Pizza Restaurant
Plant Nursery
Plastic Surgeon
Playground Equipment Supplier
Plumbing Supply Store
Plywood Supplier
Pool Cleaning Service
Pool Hall See alternate instructions
Porsche Dealer
Pregnancy Care Center
Pressure Washing Service See alternate instructions
Printer Repair Service
Private Investigator
Real Estate Agency
Real Estate Attorney
Real Estate Consultant
Reiki Therapist
Resort See alternate instructions
Rock Climbing Gym
Rock Landscaping Contractor
Roofing Contractor
Rug Store
RV Park
Screen Repair Service
Self-Storage Facility
Shoe Repair Shop
Shoe Store
Siding Contractor
Sign Shop
Ski Resort
Ski Shop
Skin Care Clinic
Snow Removal Service
Sports Bar
Stereo Repair Service
Stereo Store
Subaru Dealer
Sunroom Contractor
Sushi Restaurant
Suzuki Dealer
Swimming Pool Contractor
Swimming Pool Repair Service
Swimming Pool Supply Store
Tanning Salon
Tattoo Shop
Tax Attorney
Taxi Service
Tennis Club
Thai Restaurant
Thrift Store
Tile Contractor
Tile Store
Tire Shop
Tobacco Shop
Tool Repair Shop
Tool Store
Tour Agency
Toy Store
Toyota Dealer
Transmission Shop
Travel Agency
Tree Service
Tutoring Service
Tuxedo Shop
Upholstery Cleaning Service
Urgent Care Facility
Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop
Vacuum Cleaner Store
Van Rental Agency
Vegan Restaurant
Vegetarian Restaurant
Veterinary Care
Video Equipment Repair Service
Vintage Clothing Store
Vitamin & Supplements Store
Volkswagen Dealer
Volvo Dealer
Waste Management Service
Watch Repair Service
Water Damage Restoration Service
Water Testing Service
Waxing Hair Removal Service
Wedding Bakery
Wedding Photographer
Wedding Planner
Wedding Store
Wedding Venue
Weight Loss Service
Window Cleaning Service
Window Installation Service
Window Supplier
Window Tinting Service
Wine Bar
Women's Clothing Store
Women's Health Clinic
Wood Floor Installation Service
Wood Floor Refinishing Service
Woodworking Supply Store

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