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Proven 9 Tips to Increase Organic Traffic/Visitors

Increasing a website traffic through organic is always a challenging task for New website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to increase a traffic organically and also increase a page authority.

Proven 9 Tips to Increase organic traffic/visitors: 1.    Optimise the website user friendly as well Search engine friendly

2.    Enable Blog setup in website
         •    Implement a blog in website to post an article about the product or services of business.

3.    Make regular update in blog
         •    Post an article which covers the services or products.

4.    Use Long Tail keywords to wider the opportunity
         •    Long tail keywords are longer and a set of specific phrases that visitors are more likely to use.

5.    Optimize Meta Title, Meta Description
         •    Meta tags are used to provide information about the website to search engine.

6.    Increase the count of Internal Links
         •    Internal link is a hyperlink that points from one page to another page i…

Top 10 Tools for SEO Competitor Analysis

What is Competitor Analysis ?

Tracking competitors keywords,  keyword positions,  content,  Social actives, Emails and others to enhance the business better than competitors.  Find out the strategies that competitors are doing better than you.

Try to adopt the strategy and implement it to boost your business or else alter the strategy which is suitable for your business. Sharpen your SEO strategy by your own to beat the competitor based on data rather than assumptions.

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List of Top 10 Tools for SEO Competitor Analysis:
1. Alexa -

2. SE Ranking -

3. InfiniGraph -

4. Monitor Backlinks -

5. SpyFu -

6. Open Site Explorer -

7. Moat -

8. iSpionage -

9. Followerwo…

How to check qualified backlinks ?

Tips to Analyse Qualified Backlinks of your website

what does mean by Qualified Backlinks? 
Backlinks means a link created on other website which hyperlinked towards website or Web page. A qualified backlinks means a backlink created in high page  rank website, high traffic website, content wealthy website.

Why backlink is important?
In OFF Page SEO techniques, backlink creation is more impartant because search engine bots give high priority to qualified backlinks.  To list a website for targeted keywords in search results, backlinks play a vital role in website listing.

Key factors to Analyse Qualified Backlinks:
Initially check the backlinks of your website using SEO tools. Pick the domain which generate more backlinks.  

1. Domain Age analysis
Check  the age of the domain, search engine give more preference to aged domains. If a domain age is more than 3 years then it would be a highly recommendable website. 2.  Authority of the Link
Domain age, keyword relevance and other items all go into…

How to Improve SEO by Schema Markup

Schema Markup is a code that helps to expose website URL in search engine with more informative and also Search engines give more priority to schema website. Rich Snippets helps to explit the website data in search results when a user search for related queries.

Most common and Important Schema:

There is data markup for,

    Articles    Local businesses    Restaurants    TV episodes and ratings    Book Reviews    Movies    Software Applications    Events    Products
List of Schema for website:

Your Type of BusinessYour Type Conditioning Conditioning Repair Duct Cleaning Medicine…