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5 SEO Strategy to get Instant Traffic

Optimizing website to generate traffic from targeted keywords. Initially a website should be search engine friendly as well as user friendly. Suggest Top five SEO strategy to generate instant traffic: 1- Geographic Keywords Placing a keyword in website is mandatory but that should generate traffic. For example, "Online shoes" is a primary keywords and also it is more generic. "Online Shoes in Bangalore" is a generic keywords with geographical location. It
increase local traffic and reach target audience soon. 2- Increase Back links Backlinks are more important to list the website for target keywords in top pages. Follow some suggested OFF Page Methods to create a valid backlink. 3- Make popular in Social Media Share your website or webpage in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. It'll create brand awareness and also helpful for . 4- Responsive website Optimize you webpage or website, that should be capable to adopt all device like mobile, tab an…

Avoid 7 SEO Mistakes

SEO is a process of generating traffic towards website from organic search results on search engines.  A process to increase visibility of a website for target keywords or search terms in search engines.
SEO webmaster makes seven set of mistakes which pull down the efficiency of Search ranking.  1. Missing Keywords in Title and Descriptions: Title and Meta description plays a vital role in listing website for target keywords on search engines. Using keywords in Title and Description is a suggested format to optimize your webpage. It could make a search engine bot and a visitors to understand an objective of your webpage. 2. Missing keywords in Image Tag: A simple strategy to add keywords in image tags. It will increase image visibility in search results for target keywords. For example: seo-leap-logo.jpg 3. Never Boost Up high traffic webpage and search queries: In google search console, let you see the high traffic webpage and search queries which means having high clicks. Optimize…

OFF Page SEO Methods for 2016

An OFF page SEO strategy help to generate organic towards website or blog. We give you a list of suggested and proven OFF Page methods to increase website traffic and also to rank higher in search engine result page.
OFF Page SEO Methods/Strategy for 2016:

1. Brand Buildingal Networking Sites

2. Blogging

3. Blog Marketing

4. Active in Forum Postings.

5. Submit URL in Search Engine.

6. Submit URL in all Directories.

7. Social Bookmarking

8. Share Images in Popular websites.

9. Post positive Reviews in Website.

10. List your Business or Website in Local listing sites.

11. Publish Article in Article submission sites.

12. Guest Posting
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